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Walnut Canyon Pueblos

Walnut Canyon National

The dwellings of Walnut Canyon were created on the steep sides of the canyon over 800 years ago. Visit the canyon to experience a true appreciation for what the inhabitants endured in this harsh, low-water environment. The inhabitants are today known as "Sinagua" - Spanish for "people without water".

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Wupatki Nat'l Monument

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Walnut Canyon is located just east of Flagstaff, off I-40. Stop at the Visitor's Center to pay fee and collect maps and information. The Visitor's Center provides a panoramic view from a large window overlooking the canyon. The .7 mile Rim Trail leads along the upper rim, offering views rimtop structures and the canyon below.

For those seeking adventure and not fearful of heights, the .9 mile Island Trail leads down into the canyon and past 25 cliff dwellings. Due to steep drop-offs (many areas without safety railings) and 240 stairs, this trail is not appropriate for small childen or those with health problems.

On-site picnic area.

cliff dwelling

Above: arrow points to cliff dwelling.
Right: Steps leading down into canyon. If you take this trail, remember to reserve energy for the 180 foot (240 steps) climb back up.
Walnut Canyon

trail into canyon
Arrow points to trail - no railing
cliff dwelling

Below: Photos taken from Island Trail

cliff dwellings cliff dwelling

cliff dwellings cliff dwelling

In the late 1800's the railroad brought settlers to the area. Unfortunately, many of them took artifacts. To protect the dwelling from further destruction, Walnut Canyon was declared a national monument in 1915.

Information Sources

1.  "Walnut Canyon." National Park Service: US Department of the Interior

Special Tips

Traveling with children, pets or special needs

accessibility information  Accessibility
The Visitor's Center is wheelchair accessible, as is the on-site restroom with large, accessible stall.

Rim Trail is paved and accessible. The Island Trail is not accessible.

travel with children  Traveling with children
Watch little ones at all times; steep drops create unsafe conditions. The Visitor's Center contains a book store and exhibits, plus a safe viewing area.

no pets travel with pets  Traveling with pets
Pets are NOT ALLOWED in the Visitor's Center or on park trails.

NEVER leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. ALWAYS clean up after your pet.

Directions & Resources

Located east of Flagstaff just off Interstate 40. Take exit 204 south about 3 miles to the park entrance.


Walnut Canyon National Monument: maps and information about park activities, fees, etc.

phone: 928-526-1157; website: www.nps.gov/waca
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