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Vulture Mine

Vulture Mine

Wickenburg, Arizona

Take the self guided tour to see a piece of old west history, including the mine and famous "hanging tree".

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The Vulture Mine is located just outside Wickenburg. Take 60 west from the downtown area of Wickenburg (intersection of 60 and 93). 2.5 miles from the intersection of 60 and 93, take a left onto S. Vulture Mine Road. Drive 12 miles to the mine. The mine is open for self guided tours.

Vulture Mine Wickenburg Arizona Vulture Mine Wickenburg Arizona

Above right and below: The assay office was built in 1884 from ore mined from the mountain. Its walls contain over $600,000 in gold and silver, according to the visitor's brochure. Enter the old building at your own risk.

kitchen in assay office

Clothing still hangs on hooks, linoleum lies peeling on the floor, and an old Singer sewing machine collects dust in the kitchen.
singer sewing machine 1884

There are several other interesting buildings, plus the infamous "hanging tree". Justice (and I use the term loosely) was swift in the old west. Eighteen mine employees, accused of stealing, were hung from the ironwood tree.

hanging tree hanging tree vulture mine arizona

Visitors are free to roam the area and tour the buildings. They have not been "cleaned up" for tourists. That's why I love the place. However, special care is necessary due to loose boards, drop off areas, holes, etc. Stay on trails - there are rattlesnakes in the area.

Below: school house and play area

school house vulture mine play area of school house vulture mine

vulture mine vulture mine

The federal government closed the mine in 1942.

Special Tips

Traveling with children, pets or special needs

opening to floor below
traveling with children  Traveling with children
The Vulture Mine is very educational, but it is full of hazards for young children. The photo on the left shows an opening in the floor just off the kitchen in the assay building. The ladder leads to the storage room below. The opening is not roped off. I had to remind myself it was there so as not to back into it while snapping photographs. Floorboards inside the buildings were often loose or missing entirely.

Rattlesnakes live in the Sonoran Desert. Though not normally aggressive toward people, they will strike if threatened. Abandoned piles of metal and old wood also pose a potential threat to children. The mine is a fun, interesting piece of history because it has not been "fixed up" for tourists. Caution is needed, however. Consider your child's age and abilities. Watch children carefully at all times.

Vulture Mine arizona accessibility information  Accessibility
Most of the trail is fairly smooth and barrier free. There are some inaccessible areas. The photo on the left shows a patch of trail with a few ruts.

pet information  Traveling with pets
The entire tour is self guided. Keep pets on a leash for the safety of your pet and the environment.
Vulture Mine arizona

Directions & Resources

From I-17 go west on 74, then north on 60. The very scenic hwy 74 passes Lake Pleasant, which is another fabulous destination.

Call 1-602-859-2743 for information on hours, fees, etc.

Visit www.wickenburgchamber.com Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce
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