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Travel With Pets

Two Cool Lizards Travel Guide

Tips for traveling with pets

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Travel With Pets

Safe & Sane Travel With Pets

Rule # 1: Plan Ahead - Learn About Your Destination Before You Go

We make this easy for you. Find a destination on our site. Read our review and look at our photographs. Then locate the following symbols (bottom of each destination page), which provide information on accessibility and traveling with pets and children.

accessible travel Arizona    children travel Arizona    pet travel Arizona

Rule # 2: Pack Necessary Items For Your Pet

A favorite toy, blanket or bed can make travel less stressful for your pet. We have made packing easier for you by providing a FREE packing guide for pets. We also provide a helpful article about travel safety.

Free Packing Lists    Arizona Travel Safety Tips

If you need a portable bed, here is an easy, free pattern. Turn an old pillow into a comfy pet bed. Envelope opening allows easy removal for washing. Click link to go to Photo printed with permission.

travel pet bed pattern
Easy Dog Bed Pattern

Rule # 3: Bring Water, Food & Leash

In Arizona, the fact that there is a dot on the map does not guarantee that a cafe or pet supply store is available. Bring plenty of water. If you are not sure what might be available in the next town, bring food as well. Pets can become dehydrated very quickly. Be sure they are drinking plenty of fluids. Pets don't drink from bottles - remember to bring a bowl. Keep a close eye on your pets for signs of exhaustion, hunger and dehydration.

ALWAYS have a leash with you. Leashes are required in many areas. Maricopa County (contains Phoenix), for example, requires a 6 foot leash in ALL county parks. The leash will protect your pet, other travelers and the environment.

Rule # 4: Check Weather Conditions

If traveling to higher elevations, be prepared for quick changes in the weather. Thunderstorms roll in quickly in summer months and winter can bring snow and freezing temperatures.

The desert area can become hot even in winter. Pets dehydrate and overheat quickly.

Rule # 5: Bring Appropriate "Clothing"

Since most pets don't wear sunglasses, visors or other protection can be purchased from pet stores. Many stores sell caps for dogs. An umbrella can provide a shaded rest area for your pet. Foot protection might be required depending on weather conditions. Doggy boots are available for dogs who travel in snow or across hot pavement. Small dogs get cold easily, so a dog coat is another item that might become necessary.

Rule # 6: Exercise Your Pet

Help keep your pet healthy and less stressed by providing exercise. Stopping by pet-friendly rest areas or dog parks will allow your pet to stretch his legs and get in some play time while on long drives. Know your pet's limits. Hikes can be steep, long and hot. I have seen people pull a dog on a leash behind a bicycle without watching the dog. We strongly advise against that, because the dog could become injured, or collapse, or need to rest and the rider would not know it.

Rule # 7: Clean Up After Your Pet

ALWAYS carry a "poop scoop". Keep the environment clean for others.

Rule # 8: Be Considerate Of Others

Keep your pet quiet so that others can enjoy the environment. Loud, late night barking can quickly ruin a fellow camper's experience. Follow leash laws and be respectful of others' pets.

Rule # 9: Be Aware Of The Environment & Read Our Article On Safety

NEVER allow your dog or pet to stick his nose or paw into an area where they cannot be seen. That hole in the ground might look interesting, but it could very well be the home of a stinging insect, venomous spider or snake. Keep your pet on the trail (and on a leash). I have never had a problem while on a trail, but I once disturbed an angry swarm of stinging ants when I stepped slightly off the trail to take a photo. I had to do a quick "two step" back onto the trail. Be aware - be safe!

Travel Safety Tips

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