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suitcase tag pattern

Suitcase Tag

Free Sew or No Sew Project

This project was donated by CraftAndFabricLinks.com. Visit CraftAndFabricLinks.com for free sewing and craft projects.

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Is your suitcase hard to find in a crowd of other suitcases? A colorful, unique suitcase tag (ribbon) is the answer. Many people tie bright colored ribbons to their suitcases. You need something different. Made from fabric, these tags are easy to spot in a sea of bags. Plus, they are quick and easy to make, and are a great way to use up scraps. Make them up as gifts or "stocking stuffers".

Visit the CraftAndFabricLinks Store to purchase bright and jazzy fabric.

Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.

Supplies Required

Two strips of 3" x 22" fabric (one fat quarter will make 6 tags)
Thread (or fabric glue or fusible tape if using no-sew method)

Sewing Supplies:
Large ruler
Rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors to cut fabric

Supplies Required

1. Cut fabric into two 3" x 22" strips.

2. Fold under one short end of each piece 1/4". Press with iron.

Pin the two fabric strips right sides together and stitch around the three un-ironed sides. If you are using a no-sew method, follow the directions for your fabric glue or fusible tape.

Be sure to leave the ironed edge open.

3. Trim seams and corners (this means that you cut one seam a bit narrower than the other and you trim diagonally across the corner, close to the corner - this takes away bulk)

4. Turn tag right side out. Use a turning tool (a crochet hook works well too) to push corners out.

Press with iron.

5. Topstitch around all four sides, very close to the edge (1/8" from edge). This makes a nice, finished edge and closes the opening. If you are using the no-sew method, apply fabric glue or fusible tape to close the opening.

Use a square knot to tie onto suitcase handle.

suitcase tag pattern These tags would make great stocking stuffers. Make enough for all of your traveling friends and family.

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