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suitcase stencil free project

Suitcase Stencil Project

Tired of the strain of locating your suitcase in the sea of bags at the airport? Stencil your suitcase! Add bright colors and letters to make it uniquely your own.

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Paint (fabric or craft paint)

Stencils (cut your own from cardstock weight paper)

Paint Brush or Sponge

paint stencil paint suitcase stencil

1.  Purchase or create your own stencil for letters and other decorative shapes. To create our letters, we used a text program to print one large letter to a sheet of cardstock. We then cut out the inner part of the letter, creating a stencil.

2.  Tape stencil to desired location on suitcase. Apply paint with brush or sponge.

3.  Allow to dry; repeat on other side of suitcase.

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