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North Mountain Preserve
North Mountain Trail

Phoenix Arizona

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North Mtn Park Located on 7th Street, south of Thunderbird Road. Beautiful and natural, we hiked the North Mountain Trail after several winter rains. The surrounding hills were unusually green. The main part of the trail is paved and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and city below.

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Park in the small lot on the west side of 7th street, just south of the Pointe Hilton, for direct access to the paved trail, or continue south and turn right on Peoria into the larger parking lot. A steep rocky, trail from this lot joins the paved trail that runs from the smaller lot to the north.

rocky trail We parked in the south lot and climbed the rocky trail to the main, paved trail. The hike up and back took about 30 minutes; we stopped several times for photos. The elevation at the top was 2,088 ft.; the parking lot elevation below was 1,460 ft.

Left: trail from south lot to main trail

North Mtn. Park

Looking southeast
North Mtn. Park

Looking northwest

North Mtn. Park

Above: west
Right: north
North Mtn. Park

North Mtn. Park

South: Downtown in distance
Right: Northwest
North Mtn. Park

Special Tips

traveling with children, pets or special needs

barrier accessibility information   Accessibility Although the main part of the trail was paved, and there was one handicap parking space, a gate across the opening to the paved trail, and boulders on the sides of the gate, blocked passage of wheelchairs. The larger parking to the south contained a very steep, rocky path to the main trail which was not accessible by wheelchair. See the phoenix.gov link under resources below for more information on accessible trails. Also, although the trail is paved, it is quite steep.

Refer to Accessible travel for more information.

cliff travel with children  traveling with children
The trail offered spectacular views of the city and surrounding hills. The main part of the trail is paved; however there were no railings or other safety barriers. A slip off the side could lead to a deadly fall.

The main entrance to the park leads to restrooms and areas for picnicking.

Refer to traveling With Children for more information.

travel with pets  traveling with pets Leashed pets are allowed on the trails. For your pet's safety, as well as the safety of wildlife and other visitors, your pet must be leashed (it is a requirement in all parks).

Bring plenty of water and food and follow all safety precautions and preparations for back road travel. For the safety of your pet, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET UNATTENDED IN A VEHICLE. Temperatures can be extreme in Arizona.

Visit phoenix.gov: hiking with dogs for more information.

Refer to traveling With Pets for more information.

Directions & Resources

Located on 7th Street, south of Thunderbird Road. Beautiful and natural, we hiked this area after several winter rains. The surrounding hills were unusually green. Drive south on 7th street from Thunderbird Road. Stop at the North Mountain Visitor's Center for information, maps and restrooms. Continue south past the Pointe Hilton. Just past the Hilton, watch for a small parking lot on the right (west) side of the road. If the lot is full, continue south and watch for a larger lot on the right. This larger lot contains a restroom and many more parking spaces. The trail from this parking lot will meet up with the paved trail from the first parking lot (further north), but is much rockier and steeper.

phoenix.gov North Mtn Visitor Center Map of hiking trails.