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Montezuma's Castle Arizona

Montezuma Castle

& Montezuma Well Arizona

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From Flagstaff, go south I-17. From Phoenix, go north on I-17. Watch for signs to Montezuma's Castle National Monument, located on the east side of I-17, off exit 289. To reach Montezuma, take the same exit and follow signs to the visitor's center.

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The well (right) is located approximately 11 miles from the castle. Don't miss the well; it provides an interesting and educational experience. Trail markers next to plants located on a trail around the well provide information on the plants' many uses. Everything from roots to bark to leaves was used for making dyes, medicine, food, baskets, tools and other necessary items. Ruins can be viewed near the top of the well. The Sinagua people built the cliff dwellings in the 1100's and lived in the area for over 300 years. It is not known why they left the area (see resources below).

Montezuma Castle (above) is cut into the limestone cliffs about 100 feet above Beaver Creek. The paved path runs from the visitor's center, down past the cliff dwellings, through a wooded area and loops back up to the visitor's center. Trail signs identify plants and explain the geology of the area.

The museum has a restroom, gift shop and educational exhibit with historical photographs and displays.
Montezuma Well

The well has no entrance fee; the castle's fee is paid for at the visitor's center.

Close up of dwelling at Montezuma Well. Montezuma Well

Special Tips

Traveling with children, pets or special needs

Montezuma Well Arizona
Cliffs above Montezuma Well
accessibility information  Traveling with children Guide books and free informational brochures are available at the visitor's center. Rangers provide information about the area and the Sinagua people. A grove of sycamore trees along Beaver Creek (beneath the cliff dwellings) provides shade for a family picnic.

The areas around the well contain steep steps and there are no railings around the top of the well.

Keep children on the paths! Rattlesnakes make this area their home.

accessibility information  Accessibility
Most of the paved path from the visitor's center to Montezuma Castle is easy to navigate by wheelchair. Part of the trail is steep. The trails around the well require hiking over hilly terrain. There are steps and steep areas. The picnic area is not accessible.

travel with pets  Traveling with pets Leashed pets are allowed on trails. Leash must be no longer than 6 feet. Clean up after your pets. Follow safety precautions regarding your pet. Bring plenty of water, allow ample rest, watch for signs of exhaustion, hunger, dehydration etc. You are responsible for preventing your pet from harming wildlife or the environment.

Directions & Resources

From Flagstaff, go south on I-17. From Phoenix, go north on I-17. Take exit 289 and go east.number 289. Turn left at the blinking light and follow signs to the visitor center.


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