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Arizona Travel Guide
Travel With Children

Two Cool Lizards Travel Guide

Articles and resources to help you locate child-friendly trails and travel destinations. Plus free packing guide.

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Arizona Travel With Children

Traveling With Children In Arizona

travel with children Child Appropriate

Every one of our destination reviews provides information on child safety, and features of that location that would be of special interest to a child. We provide as much information as we can regarding trails, restrooms, entertainment, food, child interests, etc. Look for this symbol at the bottom of each destination review page.
travel with children article and tips Article Feature: Travel With Children

Children require special planning for traveling. Free Arizona coloring pages, printable stickers, safety tips, and an article on preparing your child for travel. These all help ensure fun and safe travel for your children. We also provide information on travel with children on every destination page, for that particular destination (see above).
accessible restrooms Arizona Article: Lock Up Family Restrooms - & Handicap Accessible Restrooms In Arizona

Gretchen, a good friend of 2 Cool Lizards, compiled a list of family style restrooms in Arizona. We need help with this list. Please contact us if you know of accessible, family style restrooms.
free packing lists for travel Free Packing Lists

Download our free master packing sheets. Copy and customize as needed. Clothes packing lists for males & females, plus accessory and pet packing guides.

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