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Arizona Back Roads

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Castle Hot Springs Road Arizona

Explore Arizona's Back Roads & Scenic Byways

Cherry Rd Arizona A: Cherry Road
Cherry Road is on the west side of I-17. The 24 mile road runs through the small town of Cherry, Arizona, and reaches an elevation 5,000 feet. A very scenic drive; the entire trip is inside the Prescott National Forest.
Cherry Road
Control Road: Back Road B: Shoofly Village Ruins & Control Road
Scenic drive near Payson. Stop to see the remnants of historic Shoofly Village. Experience spectacular views of the Mogollon Rim.
Control Road
Mogollon Rim Road back road travel C: Mogollon Rim Road: Forest Road 300
Skirt the edge of the great Mogollon Rim, towering 2,000 feet above the pine forest below. Visit sites of several famous battles of the old west.
Rim Road
Castle Hot Springs Road back road travel D: Castle Hot Springs Road
Hang onto your hats and get ready for a fun ride. Three miles of the road runs along a river bottom, so avoid this area when raining. Lies just NE of Phoenix.
Castle Hot Springs Rd
Montezuma Pass E: Montezuma Pass
Scenic drive in SE Arizona, close to the border with Mexico. See the beautiful Coronado National Park.
Montezuma Pass
San Pedro Valley F: San Pedro Valley
Scenic drive in SE Arizona. Drive from Sierra Vista to Tombstone. Stop at the Nature Conservancy or hike the many trails through the valley.
San Pedro Valley
Saguaro Park Cactus Forest Road Arizona G: Cactus Forest Drive
Scenic drive in SE Arizona, within the Saguaro National Park. Especially beautiful during desert wildflower blooming season (March and April usually).
Cacus Forest Drive
W Gates Pass Rd H: W Gates Pass Rd
Scenic drive in west of Tucson. Drive over Gates Pass for breathtaking views of high bluffs, distant mountains and the valley below.
W Gates Pass Rd

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