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Explore Arizona Nature
High Country

Two Cool Lizards Travel Guide

Mountains, Parks, High Desert, Lakes & Natural Areas Of Higher Elevation Arizona

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Arizona mountains and high elevations

Explore Nature in Arizona's Mountains & Higher Elevation

Tonto Bridge Arizona A: Tonto Natural Bridge
World's largest natural travertine bridge. trails and observations points provide views of the bridge.
Tonto Natural Bridge
Mogollon Rim Arizona B: Mogollon Rim
75 miles NE of Phoenix; elevation over 7,000 feet. Forest lakes and spectacular views.
Mogollon Rim
Meteor Crater Arizona C: Meteor Crater
East of Flagstaff. Created 50,000 years ago by a huge iron-nickel meteor.
Meteor Crater
Sunset Crater Arizona D: Sunset Crater
Just north of Flagstaff. Volcano crater, lava covered forests and cinder cones.
Sunset Crater
Painted Desert Arizona E/F: Painted Desert
Best viewing is from Petrified Forest. what was once a basin is now a multi-colored series of peaks and valleys.
Painted Desert

Petrified Forest Arizona E/F: Petrified Forest
Near the Painted Desert. National monument on I-40 east of Holbrook. Petroglyphs, pueblo remains and logs that have been turned into stone.
Petrified Forest
Oak Creek Canyon Arizona G: Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon runs from Sedona on the south to Flagstaff on the north. Drive highway 89A or hike one of the many trails. Extremely scenic area.
Oak Creek Canyon
Sedona Trails Arizona H: Sedona Parks
Often voted as the most beautiful place in the world, Sedona offers gorgeous scenery and a variety of hiking trails, picnic areas and lookouts.
Sedona Parks
Verde Canyon Arizona I: Verde Valley
Near Sedona, the valley area offers beautiful views of the Sedona red rock, as well as Verde Canyon. We recommend sightseeing via the Verde Canyon Railroad. Experience desert blooms and wildlife.
Verde Valley
Patagonia Park and Preserve Arizona J: Patagonia Lake & Preserve -
State Park

Birding and scenic trails on the preserve. Hiking, fishing, boating, camping and birding at the lake. 4,050 elevation.
Patagonia Lake
Patagonia Preserve
Grand Canyon National Park K: Grand Canyon
NE of Flagstaff. One of the 7 natural wonders of the world. For added adventure, ride the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams to the Canyon.
Grand Canyon
Aspen Loop Nature Trail Snowbowl Arizona L: Aspen Loop Nature Trail
At an elevation of 9,274 feet, this .9 mile hike offers spectacular scenery. Near Flagstaff.
Aspen Loop Nature Trail
Lava River Cave Arizona M: Lava River Cave
A one mile long lava tube cave near Flagstaff. Fun to explore for older children and adults.
Lava River Cave
Red Mountain Trail Arizona N: Red Mountain Trail
Hike into the inside of a cinder cone approximately 1 million years old. Near Flagstaff. Interesting and beautiful
Red Mountain Trail
Lamar Haines Veit Springs Trail Arizona O: Lamar Haines
Take the Veit Springs Trail into the Lamar Haines Memorial Wildlife Area. Walk past petroglyphs and old homestead remains.
Lamar Haines: Veit Springs Trail
Monument Valley P: Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a place of great beauty, with towering rock formations that are considered sacred to the Navajo people. Peace, serenity and an appreciation of Nature are found here.
Monument Valley

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