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Explore Arizona History Prehistoric &
Early Resident

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Fully illustrated reviews of early resident and prehistoric sites

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Historic Old West Arizona

Explore Arizona's Early History

Wupatki Historic Site Arizona A: Wupatki Pueblos
Occupied between 1120 and 1210 AD, these pueblos have withstood the tests of time. Beautiful area near Flagstaff.
Wupatki National Monument
Petrified Forest Arizona B: Petrified Forest
Near the Painted Desert. National monument on I-40 east of Holbrook. Petroglyphs, pueblo remains, museum and wood that has turned into stone.
Petrified Forest
Walnut Canyon Arizona C: Walnut Canyon Cliff Dwellings
Sinagua Cliff Dwellings built over 800 years ago. Just east of Flagstaff.
Walnut Canyon
Bisbee D: Homolovi Ruins
Petroglyphs, pueblo ruins and pottery dating from the 13th and 14th century.
Homolovi Ruins State Park
2 cool lizards E: Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma Well
Built into the limestone rocks several centuries ago, these cliff dwellings are now preserved and protected as a nat'l monument.
Montezuma Castle & Well

2 cool lizards F: Meteor Crater
East of Flagstaff. Created 50,000 years ago by a huge iron-nickel meteor.
Meteor Crater
2 cool lizards G: Casa Grande Ruins
South of Phoenix. Hohokum pueblo ruins and petroglyphs dating to 1300's.
Casa Grande Ruins

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