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Arizona Entertainment
Botanical Gardens

Two Cool Lizards Travel Guide

Beautiful botanical gardens of Arizona

Information provided for pet travel, travel with children, and accessibility for each location.
Arizona botanical gardens and wild flowers

Arizona Gardens

Saguaro National Park Cactus Forest Drive A: Saguaro National Park
Cactus Forest Drive

This is a wild, natural area that is very beautiful during the spring desert bloom, so we decided to include it in our botanical garden section. All of Arizona is beautiful during blooms, but we especially enjoy it in the desert. What usually looks quite barren to some people suddenly comes alive with vivid color.
Cactus Forest Drive
Botanical Gardens Phoenix Arizona B: Desert Botanical Garden
Located in Phoenix. 50 acres of desert plants; paved trails. Special exhibits such as the Chihuli display in 2014. Educational and beautiful.
Desert Botanical Garden
more gardens coming soon Coming Soon
More beautiful garden areas will be posted in the coming months.

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