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Homolovi Ruins 2

Homolovi Ruins State Park

Left: Homolovi Ruins II

Homolovi ruins State Park contains petroglyphs, artifacts such as pottery pieces, and remains of pueblos that were inhabited in the 13th and 14th centuries. Modern day Hopi people are descendents of Homolovi residents, and still travel to the ruins from their homes 60 miles NE to honor their ancestors and renew ties with their homeland¹.

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Homolovi Ruins State Park is located east of Winslow, just north of Interstate 40. Take exit 257 onto Hwy 87 and travel 1.3 for the park entrance.

Respect the Hopi people and the land by leaving things as you find them. DO NOT collect anything and do not leave anything behind.

petroglyphs petroglyphs

Above: Petroglyphs on rocks along Tsu 'Vo Loop Trail. This trail is NOT wheelchair accessible. Beware of snakes that enjoy shade under and near the rocks.

Right: Close up of the rock shown above.

Tsu 'Vo Trail cliff dwelling

Above and left: Tsu 'Vo Trail.
Notice the large ears on the rabbit. Long ears help cool the rabbit in the heat of this high desert environment.

pottery artifacts

Above: pottery shards Homolovi Ruins II
Right: area wildflowers
Homolovi Ruins 2

Homolovi I is buried under a mound of clay and dirt. A rough trail leads to the top of the mound. Pieces of wall can be seen coming up through the dirt and clay. The top of the mound provides a view of the river to the west. An abundance of pottery pieces are strewn about the area.

Information Sources

1.  "Homolovi Ruins State Park." (Brochure) Arizona State Parks

Special Tips

Traveling with children, pets or special needs

accessible trail accessibility information  Accessibility
The Visitor's Center is wheelchair accessible, as is the on-site restroom with large, accessible stall.

Homolovi II is accessible by paved path (left).

Tsu 'Vo Loop Trail and Homolovi I are not accessible; the covered picnic table near Homolovi I is accessible.
accessible trail travel with children  Traveling with children
Watch little ones at all times; pottery and other artifacts can be easily damaged. Poisonous snakes and insects reside in the park. The Visitor's Center contains gifts, books and exhibits. Quicksand is located along the banks of the river near Homolovi I.

travel with pets  Traveling with pets
Leashed pets are allowed in the park. Watch pets carefully due to poisonous insects and snakes. Quicksand exists along the banks of the river near Homolovi I.

NEVER leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. ALWAYS clean up after your pet.

Directions & Resources

Homolovi Ruins State Park is located east of Winslow, just north of Interstate 40. Take exit 257 north on Hwy 87 and travel 1.3 to the park entrance. Stop at the Visitor's Center to pay fee and collect maps and information.


Homolovi Ruins State Park: maps and information about park activities, fees, etc.

phone: 928-289-4106; website: www.pr.state.az.us

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