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Grand Canyon

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Arizona's Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world . No view ever looks the same. Sun and cloud shadows change the rock colors from hour to hour and season to season.

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Enjoy the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams to the Canyon, or drive to the canyon.

Grand Canyon Railway

Take the Grand Canyon railway from Williams or drive to the canyon. Steam trains run on certain days only. Check their website (listed below). The Polar Express runs during the holiday season, and there are many packaged trips available.

For more information on the train, go to:

Grand Canyon

Rock climbing, mule rides, river raft trips down the Colorado, hikes down into the canyon, easy strolls on wheelchair accessible trails on the canyon rim, or rides via shuttle bus provide enough variety for everyone to enjoy the canyon.

Stop by the IMAX Theater outside the park to see a spectacular movie on the Grand Canyon, as well as learn about the history in the museum.

The canyon can bee seen from the flat, paved trails along the upper rim. Shuttles are available to take you from point to point if you need to rest. These trails are wheelchair accessible.

Take the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams for an added adventure. Hike down into the canyon, ride down by mule, or walk the easy, handicap accessible upper trails. Everyone can experience the beauty and wonders of the Grand Canyon.

For nearby places to visit, go to: Places To Explore (parks, nature) &  Entertainment (wildlife parks, museums) and browse the site using the top menu.


The Grand Canyon is located in northwest Arizona. The south rim is open all year; the north rim is closed in winter due to its higher elevation.

Visit National Park Service: Grand Canyon

accessible travel Accessibility
Beautiful scenic areas can be viewed by vehicle. Many upper rim, developed trails are wheelchair accessible. Take the shuttle from viewpoint to viewpoint (free of charge when we were there) if you need a rest from walking. People who are seeing-impaired may need assistance due to cliff edges.

Shuttle buses have ramps and space to carry passengers, although there is a limit in size of wheelchairs accomodated. Most motorized scooters will not fit on the shuttles. A scenic pass Accessibility Permit allows entry for visitors with mobility problems to access areas that are off-limits to other vehicles. The permit is available at entrance gates and visitors centers.

Go to: National Park Service Accessibility Grand Canyon for more information.
travel with children Children
There are restaurants in the hotels, and most view points have railings. However, not all areas have railings. See photo on left. The trail leads out to a drop off edge. A fall would be down into the canyon. Watch little ones at all times.

Grand Canyon safe travel with children If you stop along the highway on the way up, watch children carefully. The highway is busy and there are steep cliffs and areas without railings. There are also areas without railings at the canyon itself. Notice the drop off on the ledge in the photo on the left.
travel with pets Pets
Pets must be physically restrained at all times and are not allowed on shuttles. Leashed pets are allowed on developed rim trails but not below the rim (trails into the canyon). Due to steep drop-offs, pets should not run loose.

Go to: National Park Service Accessibility & Pet Guide for more information.