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Bisbee Historic Town

Queen Mine Tour

Bisbee Mining Museum

Muheim Heritage House

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Nestled in the mountains at an elevation of 5,416 ft., Bisbee offers a large variety of recreational and educational activities. Learn about the history of Bisbee and the mining industry through the Queen Mine Tour and a visit to the Bisbee Mining and Historic Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian. Both are located in the heart of Old Bisbee. Walk the streets of Bisbee to enjoy Old Bisbee's architecture and large collection of shops, inns, restaurants and the Muheim Heritage House.

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Pythias Castle Bisbee Arizona Nestled in the mountains at an elevation of 5,416 ft., Bisbee offers a large variety of recreational and educational activities. Host to numerous festivals throughout the year (such as the Blues Festival in September), parades, large variety of shops and restaurants and wonderful historic inns, the town itself will keep you busy. Founded in 1880, it was once the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco2.

Old Bisbee and the Muheim Heritage House, located among the historic homes above Brewery Gulch, offer a look at Bisbee's Victorian style architecture of early 1900's.

Walk the winding streets of Old Bisbee for some wonderful dining and shopping experiences. Take the guided Old Bisbee Ghost Tour if you have a true "spirit" for adventure. See "resources" below for more information on Old Bisbee and The Ghost Tour.

Muheim Heritage House: Built in 1900 by Joseph and Carmelita Muheim, this home is registered as a National Historic Site. It is located at 207 Youngblood Hill and can be approached by Brewery Gulch. Joseph Muheim was an early Bisbee businessman, making his fortune in mining, local businesses and real estate1. The house sits on a hill, offering spactacular views of Old Bisbee and the surrounding countryside. Be sure to stop by for a friendly visit with the very knowledgeable curator. See slide 4 above.

Bisbee Mining & Historic Museum
Learn about copper mining and the history of Bisbee by visiting the exhibit at the Bisbee Mining and Historic Museum. Mining played an important role in Arizona history. See photos and exhibits on the mining operations and day to day lives of the people of Bisbee in the early 1900's.

Why is copper important? The museum has an excellent display of copper containing products that we depend on in our lives.

Over 8 billion pounds of copper were mined from Bisbee's mountains between 1877 and 1975. Gold, silver, lead and zinc were also mined in Bisbee. These mining operations turned Bisbee into a thriving community3.

Go to: for more information.

Queen Mine Tour
Don hard hats, lights and slickers and ride the train deep into the mine to experience the mine and the lives the miners lived. The tour takes about an hour and some stair climbing is required to see all of the areas. NOTE: Year round temperature in the mine is 47 degrees.

Go to: for more information.

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Bisbee is located close to the Mexican border, in SE Arizona, on hwy 80. From Tucson, take hwy 10 to Benson. At Benson, take hwy 80 south to Bisbee.


Bisbee Mining & Historic Museum

phone: 520-432-7071; website:

Queen Mine Tour

phone: 1-866-432-2071; website:

accessible travel

Accessible Bisbee Arizona Accessibility
Although not all shops are accessible, most streets have wheelchair slopes from the curb. The town streets are accessible by car. Many shops are accessible. The Bisbee Grill is accessible.

In downtown Bisbee, the building that houses the Bisbee Grille has an elevator to the accessible restroom on the second floor. It is not a large stall. Across the street, to the left of the Copper Mining Museum (as you face the museum) there is an accessible public restroom. It contains a large stall. We did not locate any private, family style restrooms.

The Copper Mining Museum also contains a large, accessible restroom that is private. The museum is accessible, but the door must be unlocked. Someone from your party must enter the museum via the front entrance steps and inform them that the accessible entrance is needed. They will unlock the wheelchair accessible side door, and an accessible elevator can be taken to the second floor area of the museum. Our visit was in 2007.

travel with children Children
The museums and the mine tour are both very educational. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the mine tour. Temperature in the mine is 47 degrees year around, so bring a sweater or light jacket. If your child is afraid of dark places, this would not be a good choice of activity.
travel with pets Pets
Pets are NOT ALLOWED in the mine or museums. Leashed pets can be walked on city streets and in parks.

Grooming, pet supplies and boarding are available at PetsBCute. Visit their website at:

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